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The front entrance is secured with a key pad to access the building. Finger print recognized system is used for check in and out procedure.

Open door policy for parents

Every classroom, hallway, playground and front entrance is monitored by close circuit cameras.

Every staff member is trained in pediatric first aid and CPR.


Each classroom is set up with high quality age appropriate furniture, toys and equipment that encourage the children to explore different interactive activities that build upon their early learning needs.


The two playgrounds are constructed for different age groups. Developmentally appropriate outside play areas consist of climbing columns, slides, a bridge, look out tower, and other active play areas.

These structures sit upon a soft cushioned rubber (2 to 5 inches thick). Around the main play area is a bike path, a basketball hoop, painting easel, and shaded areas for quiet activities.


For our infants and toddlers we have a specific outdoor play area. This area caters to the gross- motor developmental needs of our youngest students. Children are able to explore age appropriate equipment that promotes the development of climbing, reaching, pulling, balancing, and much more.


Indoor Play area provides age appropriate activities for rainy, hot and cold days for every age group with reading loft and toddler playground equipment.


Art is a powerful communication, a way to express vision that is beyond the capability of words and a medium for cultural enlightenment.

In our Art Studio Curriculum is designed to introduce and explore in fun and engaging ways the six basic elements of art; line, shape, color, value, texture, and form. Students will be introduced to the art work of famous artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne and Monet are the few of those artists.


During our summer months we extend our outside play with our fun and safe water play park. Twice a week, each classroom explores different types of squirting water, either it showers down on them from a coconut tree, or sprays them from two giant rings, or a tower of water shoots from the ground. The children are able to connect and interact with each other while exploring the dynamics of water.


Computer center, smart interactive white board and tablets allow children for active learning and discovery. The Center will also help children to learn both short and simple lessons and as an integral part of larger more complex projects.

Interactive Smart board is an hands-on technology tool which enables early child teachers to plan for playful and purposeful activities for children. This tool offers strategies that reflect the latest scientific research for pre-literacy and mathematic concept acquisition in young children. Children will have learning opportunities that are fun, game-like, and engaging.


Weekly visits to the Computer Center will provide developmental skills for three, four and five year old children.These skills include improved intelligence, non verbal skills, structure knowledge, verbal skills, problem solving, and conceptual skills.


Garden created by our parents. They planed, planted and then we all watched our garden grow. Butterflies came to the garden to lay their eggs. We watched as the eggs hatched and became caterpillars, then they went through metamorphosis and finally beautiful butterflies. Now our students tend the garden daily and wait till the new cycle starts.


At our garden children have the chance to follow their inborn curiosity by exploring and learning about nature hands-on. In their vegetable garden, they plant, water, weed and whatever grows they eat. Tomatoes, peppers, carrots, celery was this year crop. Next school year fruit trees are in on their agenda. Herb garden also have amazing herbs where they love to go smell, touch and harvest for their parents.


Our park created for young children to discover themselves and the world around them. Park was created for children that tickle their imagination and surprise their senses. Garden, bird bath, bird feeders, meditation rock garden, platform for yoga, reading books, watching birds, making music, dancing to their own tune offers endless possibility for play and discovery.