Kids Academy Learning Center offers an array of enrichment classes, which are optional for the parents to enroll their children.

Dance & Ballet

Meets the needs and limitations of the preschool children by providing a carefully paced sequence of exercises to develop physical conditioning with poise and grace.


Our Karate Program builds confidence, character, discipline, courtesy, balance and coordination. Karate instruction develops a sense of fair play and will result in a more confident child. This program also includes an award ceremony on the last week of each session.

Happy feet soccer

Happy feet is a professionally developed child fitness soccer program. Happy Feet programs are great fun and age-appropriate programs.

Each session is one day a week for eight weeks.

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Cooking ( Ages 4 & 5 )

Children will be developing healthy eating habits while practicing Math (measuring, weighing, sharing), Literacy (reading and writing some notes about the recipes), Geography (learning about food and where it comes from). All classes receive special care in offering a variety of tasting different foods and experiencing the attractive composition of the dish, the aesthetics of table setting, the pleasure of sharing meals with friends and the opportunity to encounter the kitchen as a multisensory laboratory.

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