Who is the child?

At Kids Academy child is viewed as strong, powerful, rich in potential, driven by the power of wanting to grow, and nurtured by adults who take this drive towards growth seriously. The curiosity of children makes them question and research the reasons for all that surrounds them.

The Role of the Teacher

Central role of the Teachers at Kids Academy is to create a partnership with the learners, to walk beside them as together they launch themselves in to the experience and begin the process of co-construction of knowledge. Teachers facilitate children’s explorations of themes, work on short-and long –term projects, and guide experiences of joint, open-ended discovery and problem solving.  Children need to explore their world by using all their senses and to be able to experience firsthand how things work. Therefore they need be provided the opportunity to solve problems independently.

The Environment

All students and teachers can learn significantly with in a nurturing environment, given sufficient time, developmentally appropriate goals, well-considered learning materials, and strategic programs, instruction and assessments  as environment becomes a third teacher . Creating a developmentally appropriate spaces  will provide  relationships, explorations, and emotional and cognitive situations that produce a sense of well being and security.


Creative Curriculum is a forward- thinking, comprehensive, rigorously researched Early Childhood curriculum integrated with STEM curriculum. The acronym Stem originated with National Science Foundation.  STEM refers to NSF’s education-related programs in the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math.


Parent participation is considered essential in our Program. Parents play active part in their children’s early experiences. The ideas and skills they bring to the school and, even more important, the exchange of ideas between parents, and teachers favor the development of collaboration between the school, teacher and the home.