Toddler Class


For most children ages between 12 to 24 months, toddlers experience their first encounter with school. We believe it is importance to create a strong bond between the child and teacher, as well as to create a partnership between teachers and parents. During this transition from home to the new environment children have the greatest opportunities to improve their skills. Children take on special developmental tasks and challenges related to their social, emotional, physical, linguistic and cognitive development. For toddlers, development occurs in all of these areas as they use their senses to gain a sense of security and identity by exploring the people and objects around them.

Our Toddler Curriculum has three key components;

Content- What emerges from goals and objective?

The focus is on helping children to learn about themselves, about their feelings, about others, about moving and doing, and to acquire thinking skills.

Process- What we do to help children?

Kids Academy teachers include strategies for setting up the environment, selecting toys and materials, interacting with children and planning activities. Most importantly, the process focuses on decision making when it comes to structuring a toddler curriculum. This provides a framework for making decisions that are developmentally, individually and culturally appropriate for each child.

Context- What are the settings we provide?

For children under age three, the relationships are the context. By building strong bonds with children, teachers and families, we create a climate where learning flourishes.

The children and families in our program are the focal points of our work. They are also our equal partners in their children’s education.


  • Increased language development
  • Interest in joining group of friends
  • Starting to develop fine motor skills
  • Showing more independent skills
  • Desire to explore the environment freely