Class of Three Year Olds

Threes are often described as being in transition. They resemble more closely to 4- and 5- year old preschoolers than 2- year old toddlers. What sets them apart from toddlers more than anything is their new found ability to express themselves in words and ideas. This ability opens up a whole new social world.


Social Emotional Development

Now they are learning to trust parents, teachers and other important people in their lives that all these people will take good care of them. Trust gives them confidence to become independent and encouragement to feel pride at being able to try new tasks.

Physical Development

Gross motor activities such as running, swinging, jumping, throwing, balancing, catching a ball and dancing to music are great sources of pleasure in this group

Fine motor activities such as painting, threading, lacing, cutting, puzzles, tracing, zipping and activities that enhance pinch-grip muscles are important plays that will lead to handwriting and more advanced self-care skills.

Cognitive Development

Three year olds are exploding with thoughts and ideas. The build theories and hypothesis of the world around them. They express their own ideas and thoughts to others. Understanding their surroundings, being aware of out context and having sense of belonging becomes more significant to three year olds.

Language & Communication

Three year olds learn about their world through watching, listening and modeling others. The ability to listen in a group emerges slowly and with practice. They will listen attentively to stories read aloud. Most three year olds can use plural terms, talk in sentences, recite simple rhymes and ask questions.

Three year olds speak clearly enough to be understood by most listeners. Speaking clearly for three year olds include:

  • Requesting information and being understood
  • Remembering and describing a recent event and answering questions about it
  • Initiating a conversation with adults
  • Telling a story using words, props and gestures to convey meaning