Class of 4 year olds

Class of Four Year Olds

Our four year old classrooms are designed for children missing the cut off date to enroll in VPK.

At this age they become complex thinkers. Through observation, experimentation of trial and error and forming predictions, children learn to solve problems. The communication becomes more relevant to children due to their desire to communicate thoughts and ideas.

Our teachers will encompass all contact areas including math, science, language, arts, fine motor skills, sensory, computer, art and dramatic play as they plan the daily activities based around the interest of the whole class.


  • Perform self-care tasks.
  • Shows eagerness and curiosity as a learner.
  • Demonstrates self confidence.
  • Interacts easily with familiar adults.
  • Shows empathy and caring for other.
  • Speaks clearly enough to be understood without contextual clues.
  • Uses an expanded vocabulary to describe many objects, actions and events.
  • Uses age-appropriate grammar in conversation and increasingly complex phrases and sentences.
  • Uses language to express their needs and feelings, share experiences, predict outcomes and resolve problems.
  • Shows motivation for reading and shows age appropriate phonological awareness.
  • Shows motivation to engage in written expression and demonstrates age-appropriate ability to write letters.
  • Begins to understand numbers and quantity.
  • Asks questions and uses senses to observe and explore materials and natural phenomena.
  • Begins to understand family needs, roles and relationships.
  • Uses variety of art materials for tactile experience and exploration.
  • Participates in group creative movement and music experiences.
  • Uses strength and control to perform simple tasks.

Social Emotional Development

Four year olds are a wonderful mix of independence and sociability. They take great pride in accomplishing their own tasks. They learn that sharing helps to make friends. Whether playing alone or in groups, four year olds tend to be very expressive, using actions and facial expression as well as words to get their points across.

Physical Development

Fours are increasingly able to control their muscles. Their fine motor coordination improves dramatically as well. Now they can wash their hands, button their shirts and many four year olds will be coordinated enough to cut intricate lines with scissors, zip their pants and make an attempt at tying their shoes.

Cognitive Development

Four year olds act like budding scientists. They are enchanted by principle of cause and effect and they always want to know why and how things happen. They approach the world with great curiosity and imagination, and use their reason to make sense of everything.